2 New Reviews of “If You Want to Go to Sleep, Go to Bed”


A couple of reviews of If You Want to Go to Sleep, Go to Bed have come out recently, always nice to see:

- “…Casey Joe Abair and Hunter Robertson take it a totally different way. Their music on banjo, violin and vocals is energetic and raw. The banjo sounds occasionally like a wild storm and impresses in combination with Robertson’s raw and heavy voice. I like the way this duo totally give themselves to the music. They keep the ancient soul of the compositions and force me to listen to their music with superb music and compositions in which the musicians search for the outer limits of their possibilities and have the guts to ignore standard conventions. I appreciate that and the result is an album with good old banjo/violin music that both sounds like it’s decades old and modern at the same time.”  -  Eelco Schilder for FolkWorld

- “Casey Joe Abair & Hunter Robertson, If You Want to Go to Sleep, Go to Bed (hunterrobertson.com). Hot old-timey fiddle and banjo. Seventeen knock-yer-socks-off numbers. These guys are not kidding around!”  -  Mitch Finley, Inland Northwest Bluegrass Association’s Bluegrass Blabber

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