Raleigh and Spencer – Clawhammer Banjo


We filmed this video as one of several bonus features that will be included on my forthcoming clawhammer banjo instructional DVD. Jonathan VanBallenberghe from Open Lens Productions did the filming and editing. See www.hunterrobertson.com for more information about the DVD. The banjo’s tuned gCGCC (tuned down to B). Based on Tommy Jarrell’s recording with some additional lyrics.

Performance and arrangement by Hunter Robertson

Videography by Open Lens Productions – www.openlensproductions.com

Clawhammer Banjo Instructional DVD


I just recently finished the filming for an instructional clawhammer banjo DVD with Jonathan VanBallenberghe from Open Lens Productions behind the camera. It’s geared towards intermediate/advanced players and covers 10 tunes along with a section on technique and a few extras. Its aim is to not only teach those 10 tunes but to give the student the tools to learn and adapt tunes themselves from other sources. Jonathan is editing it now so keep your eyes peeled for its eventual release.

The tunes are:

  • Lonesome John (from John Salyer)
  • Candy Girl (from Uncle Bunt Stephens)
  • Boatin’ Up Sandy (from Wilson Douglas)
  • Unfortunate Puppy (from Elmo Newcomer)
  • Cripple Creek (from Hobart Smith)
  • Ducks on the Millpond (from Emmett Lundy)
  • Raleigh & Spencer (from Tommy Jarrell)
  • Leather Breeches (from John Salyer)
  • Ft. Smith Breakdown (from Luke Highnight’s Ozark Strutters)
  • Bonaparte’s Retreat (from Bill Stepp)