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I’m dumping older news, from before the move to a blog here. If there are pictures or videos that don’t show up, you’ll find them here:

Dec. 1 2007

3 more gigs – the 11th and 17th Dec. at the Monkey House in Winooski, VT and the 15th Dec. at the Skinny Pancake, Burlington, VT. My buddy Casey Abair will be there on fiddle.

Oct. 23 2007

I’ll be playing a gig at the Langdon Street Café in Montpelier, Vermont on the 4th of December. Dr. Oakroot, who makes and plays cigarbox guitars, will be there that evening as well. Things get going at 8 p.m.

October 5 2007

Have moved to Burlington, Vermont. The demand for banjo players unexpectedly plummeted on Crete.
I’m giving clawhammer banjo lessons here and just started looking into gigs.

April 17 2007

A website for The Ostrich Testimonies with biographies of the crew, a trailer and so on, is up and running:

April 12 2007

Kurt Vonnegut kicked the bucket yesterday – his teeth no longer hurt him as the French say. He was one of the good guys. Fare thee well Mr. Vonnegut!

March 22 2007

I recently finished recording the score for a documentary, “The Ostrich Testimonies”, by Jonathan VanBallenberghe. Some pieces I composed for it, some are traditional tunes – most are played on either a nylon-strung S.S. Stewart or a metal-strung open-back Gibson; there are also a few pieces played on various guitars. I’ve worked before with Jonathan (he’s a banjo fan – he plays and has built gourd banjos) and this was a fun piece of work to do.

The Ostrich Testimonies is an engrossing documentary, well made, with a gripping story:

The Ostrich Testimonies tells the story of a living nightmare that happened on the largest ostrich ranch in North America. On Feb. 3, 2002, just outside of Tucson, Arizona, two hot air balloons launched too close to the 1,600 bird flock, resulting in a stampede that killed 800 of the birds. The balloonists trespassed and ran from the scene. So why did the rancher lose the lawsuit? The Ostrich Testimonies is an investigative documentary that reveals a sequence of events more strange than you could possibly imagine.

You can see the trailer here:

Here are three tunes from the score: Unclouded Day (played on the S.S. Stewart with my wife Féréale singing harmony), Painted Bird (the Stewart as well) and Merry Scene (played on the Gibson). The two instrumentals were of course made for the documentary, if I were to record them as “listening” pieces I would arrange them differently.

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