Walthamstow Folk Club


6 October 2009 (pre blog, thus the date)

My recent show at Walthamstow Folk was a lot of fun. First of all, my host and the organizer, Russ Chandler (being a fellow banjo player) and I spent the afternoon talking shop and examining his beautiful classic banjos. We eventually made our way to the pub for the show, which was a nice format, with people doing floor spots before I played and at the intermission – a very civilized practice. The music was excellent and it was almost as if I was attending a concert myself! The people were participants rather than simply observers, getting up on stage and playing and singing and joining in on other’s choruses.  Pete Stanley came down and played a couple of tunes, one on a minstrel style banjo he had made and another on a gorgeous Clifford Essex. If this was typical of British folk clubs I’ll be looking forward to doing more gigs in them.

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